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Your Compliance Consultancy Kit

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AML Review


If you are too busy to deal with screening hits, we provide the much needed ad-hoc AML review of such hits and decipher real hits from false positives weeding through shades of grey for you so that you can concentrate on your core business. 

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Policies & Procedures


An important aspect of ensuring compliance with prevailing AML/CFT requirements is to have a good and robust set of policies & procedures that defines your organisation's framework and approach in this topic. We assist in customising an appropriate set of AML policies & procedures for you without adding unnecessary complication to the process.


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Even with the best policy in the world, nothing beats a good reliable training session to ensure that your team is fully aware of what is required.  AML training is a mandatory requirement for most participants in the financial and non-financial services sectors.  It serves to protect you and your organisation especially when you have demonstrated adequate support to train your team.


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